Once upon a time in the mid 19,90's...

Once upon a time in the mid 19, 90's...
The Jungle Fever family of (London)...........
Embarked upon the midlands causing mayhem and uproar on the motorways, where thousands of people attended a jungle rave party at the Sanctuary music arena, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, amongst the family was a young man and his assistant, this young man was not there to rave (though Jungle Fever was absolutely brilliant), but to carry out market research on a new brand product that was to contribute to their life and also the planet earth.
At that time,
Little did they realise that they had set the wheels of history in motion once again for the year 2000AD.
Outside the arena, 
Many people had sampled a standard 250ml cup full of juice. But alas, some people screwed up their face in horror and passed various negative remarks.
Inside the arena,
The music was like a volcano talking and the crowd had no choice but to listen up and boogie hard.
Unfortunately, the screw face people soon became extinct, while their counterparts boogied on and on for up to two hours non-stop. Up until they realised that their hands were empty, this soon sent many through the dense wilderness in search of the local oasis. That was the beginning of the end for many, as they too soon became prey to the merciless predators (dehydration and fatigue).
Upon leaving the fever, the masses encouraged this young man to bring the juice come.
From since then, the almighty force had been dragging it's feet, positively about this break through causing discontent, stress and frustration amongst the people while the media encourages the jungle vibes. 
Now that battle is over, Nature and our generation can take full control of the power within multi-cultured Jungle Energy.
P.S. Big respect to Paul Merchant (Jungle rave founder) and even more respect to the almighty power of creation.